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    Refractory Ceramic Balls

    [ Products Description ] 
    Refractory ball produced by our company has good heat resistance, up to 1900°C, high mechanical strength, chemical stability, long life and other characteristics, mainly for methanol and fertilizer plants in high and low temperature changes in furnace, conversion furnace, hydrogenation converter, desulfurization tank and methanation furnace, gas-liquid dispersion effect, supporting coverage of boxes to protect a catalyst.

    [ Technical Specification ]
    Item/Type Mullite Mullite-Corundum Corundum
    Chemical Composition % Al2O3 30-90 90-98 ≥99
    SiO2 10-70 0.5-5.0 ≤0.3
    Fe2O3 ≤3 ≤0.5 ≤0.1
    Refractoriness, °C ≥1450 ≥1750 ≥1850
    Thermal Resistance, °C 600 800 1000
    Crushing strength, N 100-20000依品種和規格而異 Different upon types and sizes
    Mohs' hardness, scal ≥7 ≥8 ≥9
    Acid resistance, % ≥95 ≥98 ≥98
    Alkali resistance, % ≥85 ≥95 ≥98
    Bulk Density, kg/m3 1200-1600 1800-2000 2000-2200
    Note: The data of bulk density is given for reference only, not as the acceptance criterion.
    Add: Xiangdong Ceramic Industrial Park, Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province  Chairman: Xv Huaisheng +86-13907993138 General manager:Zhang Mingli +86-13907999263
    Tel: +86-799-3411918  Fax: +86-799-3412668  E-mail: pcp@sino-packing.com  P.C.: 337022  
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