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    Porous Ceramic Balls

    [ Products Description ] 
    Porous ceramic balls is also called filtering balls. It is made by adding 20-30% pores inside the inert ceramic balls. Therefore it can be used not only for supporting and covering the catalyst, but also for filtering and eliminating the impurities of grain, gelatin, asphaltine, heavy metals and iron ions of less than 25µm. If the porous ball is set on the top of a reactor, the impurities fail to be eliminated in former process could be adsorbed in the pores inside the balls, thereupon protect the catalyst and prolong the operatig cycle of the system. As the impurities present in the materials are different, the user can select the product by their sizes, pores and porosity, or if necessary, add molybdenum, nickel and cobalt or other active components to prevent the catalyst from coking or poisoning.

    [ Technical Specification ]
    Item/Type MH-1 MH-2 MH-3
    Chemical Composition % Al2O3 20-80
    Al2O3+SiO2 ≥90
    Fe2O3 ≤1
    Pore size, μm 0.5-40 40-100 110-1000
    Porosity, % 20-30 15-25 15-25
    Air permeability, m3.cm/m2.h.10Pa 0.2-0.8 1-6 7-50
    Acid resistance, % ≥98 ≥98 ≥98
    Alkali resistance, % ≥85 ≥85 ≥85
    Thermal Resistance, °C 800 800 800
    Crushing strength, N/Piece 100-20000
    Different upon types and sizes.
    Bulk Density, kg/m3 1200-1500

    [ Size ] 
    Diameter, Φ 3 6 8 10 13 16 20 25 30 38 50 75
    Tolerance, mm ±1.0 ±1.5 ±2.0 ±3.0
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