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    Product > Random Packings
    Random Packings
    Ceramic tower packings have great advantage of acid-& heat- resistance. It can withstand almost all kinds of acid up to 1000C, except HF acid, and be widely used in the tower of dry, absorbing, cooling, washing and recovery etc. in chemical, petrochemical and metallurgical industry.
    Plastic Random Packing include pall ring, intalox saddles, super intalox, cascade ring, HQM ring, teller rosette ring, hollow ball, polyhedral ball, cage ball and covering ball.
    Metallic random packings include Conjugated rings, VSP ring, Intalox saddles, Twin curved saddles, HQM flat ring, Cascade ring and Pall ring.
    • Ceramic Random Packings
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    • Metallic Random Packings

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